ENABLE, an extension of the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP), was established to encourage students and professionals from diverse backgrounds to explore careers or advanced training in biomedical and health informatics (BMHI). ENABLE stands for Extensible Network-Accessible Biomedical & Health Informatics Lifelong learning Environment.

Dr. Javed Mostafa, director of CHIP, created ENABLE to deliver high-quality BMHI training to populations that currently lack access to such opportunities. ENABLE aims to raise awareness of and preparedness for BMHI careers among students from populations that are traditionally underrepresented in the field. The program will employ a summer "boot camp" to introduce undergraduates to heath care data management, data analytics, data visualization and other key areas in health informatics. The program will also provide continued training in BMHI for working professionals through the addition of an online delivery of CHIP’s existing Professional Science Master’s program in BMHI.

Demand for workers with BMHI expertise is extremely strong and growing. ENABLE will help meet that demand by delivering online and face-to-face training programs that will create skilled, competent and efficient leaders. We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to apply to the ENABLE summer program. Working professionals employed in the information technology or health care fields who want training to help bridge the gap between the two are also encouraged to learn more about our online Professional Science Master’s program.